Guizhou Olympiad volunteer enlists

Welcome to applying for a Guizhou Province Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games-time Volunteer position!

Volunteers are the footstone of Olympic Games and the real image ambassador of Olympics, representing Olympic spirit. The volunteers' high standard service is a key factor to unique and great Olympic Games, and will add new assets to the Olympic Movement.

Games-time volunteers will be required to devote much of their time and energy and will not receive any material rewards from the hard work. When serving the Games, they will harvest a rare experience in life.

Thank you for your support to Beijing Olympic Volunteer Program.

General Policy

Volunteers for the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games are accredited personnel recruited and managed by BOCOG, who take proper responsibilities, work at the time and in the position designated by BOCOG in service to the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics Games without payment.

I. Basic Requirements

1) Voluntary to serve the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic games;

2) Born prior to (but including) June 30, 1990, and in good health;

3) Abide by China's laws and regulations;

Guide to Application

There will be approximately 70,000 Games-time volunteers for the Olympic Games and about 30,000 Games-time volunteers for the Paralympic Games. Besides Beijing, a certain number of volunteers shall also be recruited from other provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities of mainland China and among compatriots of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas Chinese, students studying abroad and foreigners.

1.Starting from January 19th, 2007, applicants from provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities of mainland China other than Beijing can apply by using the China volunteers Website ( through the application Website appointed by the local Youth Leagues. The application cut-off date is the end of March, 2008.


1. Name: Please input the official name printed in your ID card in accordance with the prescribed form.

2. The country or territory indicated by your ID card: Please select the country or territory where the institution that issues your ID card belongs to.

3. Gender: Please choose according to the records in the ID card.

4. Date of birth: Please input 4-digit year of birth and select your date of birth according to the records indicated in your ID card.

5. E-mail address: Please enter your frequently-used email address. No non-English characters or full-width characters are accepted.

Contact: Mr Yu TEL:0851-6571360 Email:[email protected]

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